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Below are some common questions we are asked in regards to our products and their use. If you have a question that we haven’t answered here please feel free to call us on 01538 398708 or drop us an email for advice.

What are your opening hours?

Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 17:00 (excluding bank holidays)

We are closed between Christmas and New-Year. We will publish our Christmas shutdown period at that time.

Yes, you can collect your goods from our depot in Leek, Staffordshire. If you have purchased a made-to-order product then please contact us to ensure that it is ready for collection.

We deliver nationwide to Mainland UK. Delivery outside of Mainland UK can be organised but you would need to contact us for a quotation first.

For Deliveries of in-house made-to-order or stock products, we generally turn our orders around in approximately 7 days with the aim to improve on this timeframe wherever possible.

For Collection of in-house, made-to-order products, we aim to turn your order around in less than 7 days with the aim to improve on this timeframe wherever possible.

For Collection of in-house, in-stock products, these are available for same-day collection.

Yes, we have a variety of material samples from our roofing material range. The samples will help you select the perfect shade and see the difference in coating or finish. Choose up to six colour samples and we will post them out to you. Get in touch via email or telephone 01538 398 708.

Yes, steel roofing sheets can condensate, particularly if there is little ventilation and/or livestock in the building. There is a simple & effective solution to this. We can apply “Dripstop” to the underside of your roof sheets. The Dripstop membrane is applied during the manufacturing process and has the appearance of felt. Dripstop soaks up and holds any condensation and then allows it to wick away naturally. Ventilation is required, and there are specific fitting instructions that can be found in our Downloads section or on the roofing sheet products themselves.

No, we recommend having Dripstop installed during the manufacturing process.

For steel sheets a general rule of thumb is to use 3 screws across the width of the sheet, screwing into each horizontal support purlin. Here is a simple formula to use: Quantity of Screws = Total m² of Roof or Wall x 3, then round up to the nearest 100. You can find specific fixing instructions in our Downloads section.

For fibre cement sheets, only 2 screws should be used across the width of the sheet, screwing into each horizontal support purlin. This is very important and full fitting instructions can be found on our fibre cement product pages within the downloadable brochures.

Yes, once our sheets are fitted and overlapped by one rib, they cover the following widths:

MCS Roofing™ 34/1000 Profile – 1000mm wide.
MCS Roofing™ 32/1000 Profile – 1000mm wide.
MCS Roofing™ 34/833 Profile – 833mm wide.
MCS Roofing™ 3 Inch Corrugated – 990mm wide.

Please contact us to discuss the specific load requirements of your project. You can call us on 01538 398 708 or email

Great question, with more than one answer. In general, one pair is required per roof sheet.

One pair of foam-fillers has 1000mm of lateral coverage. They come as an asymmetrical pair. The top half is used as a ridge filler and is sandwiched between your roof sheet and ridge flashing. The lower half is used as an eaves filler and is sandwiched between your roof sheet and eaves beam or wall plate. Important to note that each half of your filler is NOT symmetrical.

In some cases (particularly on mono-pitch roofs), you may want to fit fillers underneath your roof sheet at both the ridge and eaves end of the sheet. In this instance, you will need two pairs of fillers per roof sheet ordered.

If ordering insulated composite panel sheets, these fillers do NOT come as a pair. You only need a large-flute single filler. One filler per panel is required and is sandwiched between the roof panel and the ridge flashing.

Laptape is a butyl-mastic sealant/adhesive and comes on a roll. Laptape is used to help seal and weatherproof joints within a roof and cladding system. For example, sheet end-laps/side-laps, and flashing joints etc.

Do you need it? Yes, the correct method of installing a roofing or cladding system requires the use of laptape.

MCS Roofing™ 32/1000 Roof/Wall = 12,000mm
MCS Roofing™ 34/1000 Roof/Wall = 8,500mm
MCS Roofing™ 3” Inch Corrugated Roof/Wall = 8,000mm

The minimum sheet length that you can order online is 1000mm. If you need shorter sheets than this, please get in touch with us on 01538 398 708 and we will consider manufacturing shorter sheets on a case-by-case basis.

MCS Roofing™ 32/1000 = 4°
MCS Roofing™ 34/1000 = 4°
MCS Roofing™ 3” Inch Corrugated = 10°
Tile Effect = 12°

Yes, you can cut your own sheets and flashings. We recommend cold cuts only.

Professional fitters use a tool called a “Nibbler”.

Tin snips are perfect for small cuts and flashings.

Alternatively, you can order your sheets cut-to-length via our website or by contacting us through or calling 01538 398 708.

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