Our Commitment to Sustainability

We aim to work with our colleagues and partners so that we can join the battle in repairing tomorrows problems, today! We are committed to the idea of building a better future for our community and our planet.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

How are we achieving this?

  1. With the introduction of solar panels to the roof of our factory facility, we have become more energy efficient, harnessing the power of the sun and reducing the dependency on the national grid. Solar energy is a renewable energy source, meaning you don’t ever use it up. Solar energy is clean. It creates no carbon emissions or other heat-trapping “greenhouse” gases. It avoids the environmental damage associated with mining or drilling for fossil fuels. Furthermore, solar energy also uses little to no water, unlike power plants that generate electricity using steam turbines.
  2. We plan and utilize optimised delivery routing to prevent “empty miles”, with the ultimate goal of reducing the overall mileage driven per year, thus, reducing fuel burnt and decreasing our output of harmful emissions.  
  3. We have replaced our traditional lights with energy efficient LED units across our facility. LED lighting uses 80% less energy than an incandescent bulb for the same amount of brightness. This alone significantly decreases our carbon footprint because of the lower amount of fossil fuel burning.
  4. We promote car sharing and cycling-to-work.
  5. By investing in modern, more efficient equipment and machinery. For example, Euro 6 classified vehicles and more energy efficient, modern, CNC machinery. 
  6. By thinking before we print and utilising email in favour of letters wherever possible, we aim to reduce the amount of wastepaper, thus reducing our carbon footprint.


Reducing & Recycling Waste

At MCS Roofing & Cladding Supplies, we aim to prevent waste arising from our operations wherever we can and where waste is generated, we’ll aim to recycle as much of our unavoidable waste as possible.

How are we achieving this?

  1. Steel is 100% recyclable. Recycling Steel Saves Energy and Reduces Pollution. The use of scrap steel saves up to 74% of the energy needed to make steel from virgin materials. We partner with our local scrap metal merchant who collect and process our waste steel for further recycling.
  2. We have an agreement with our local recycling and waste management firm who collect and process our waste. Processing waste sustainably is their main aim, with every effort put into their commitment to recycle 100% of the waste they collect. They currently successfully achieve a 98% landfill diversion figure from their facilities, with every effort put into waste recovery technology to enable them to achieve their ultimate goal of zero waste to landfill. They believe in sustainable waste management, which is why all segregated recyclables are processed and sent for manufacturing new products, with all residual waste processed in their RDF (refuse derived fuel) plant and sent on to an energy-from-waste facility in the North West of England. 


Sourcing Responsibly & Selling Sustainable Products

We will offer our customers sustainable product alternatives that are sourced, manufactured, and distributed in an ethical and responsible way.

How are we achieving this?

  1. We source our steel from SSAB (Swedish Steel) and supply their GreenCoat® product. SSAB is a member of the joint venture HYBRIT project, which aims to revolutionize the steel industry with fossil-free steel by 2026. The result will be unique: the world’s first fossil-free steel making technology, with virtually no carbon footprint. The by-product from steel making process would be water, not carbon dioxide. Most GreenCoat® products feature a bio-based coating which uses a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil fuel oils. This unique, patented solution from SSAB reduces the environmental footprint significantly – and it makes the GreenCoat® colour coated steel product portfolio the market’s greenest offer for roofs and façades.
  2. We source our steel from TATA Steel and TATA Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products are made in the UK. Tata Steel has an ongoing commitment to reduce CO2 emissions association with pre-finished steel manufacture. With an in-depth knowledge of the environmental impacts of Colorcoat® products and various assessed systems, Tata Steel understand and can support in the optimum design for sustainable building envelope solutions. Steel recycling saves resources and reduces CO2 emissions, energy consumption and water usage. Tata Steel is the largest steel reprocessor in the UK. The TATA Packaging Recycling team, along with Tata Steel colleagues in the Netherlands, works in partnership with several organisations to promote recycling and reduce the amount of steel packaging going to landfill.


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